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 Ur-Nrg based in Cambridge, Ontario,

Each of our sessions are detailed and personally related to each client.

Ur-Nrg prides itself on authenticity.

If you are searching for answers, direction in life or understanding about why something has happened in the past... a reading is for you. The reader works from their natural abilities and continues to increase their awareness of their abilities with professional trained courses and years experiences.   The reader will use  “clair” senses – tastes, sight, touch, smell and feelings – connect direct to the spiritual realm to deliver you the message you seek from beyond.


Hear from a deceased friend or family member, ask questions, reminisce or  just say hello.  The reader will have the capabilities to also present you with messages from Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.  Learn to connect with them better, hear your own messages stronger and how they can help make even your worse day a little easier. We are certain you will receive the messages and information you need to hear.


Please visit our About Us page today! Feel free to also visit our Merchandise full of Metaphysical items and handmade jewellery with energized gemstones and sterling silver.


To learn more about our different types of psychic readings and list of common questions asked during readings, please visit our Services page today or contact us direct today for more information. We look forward to helping you find the answers you need from beyond! 



About Ur-Nrg

Learn more about the company and the  natural and certified psychic and healing abilities today! 


You can find  Metaphysical items and jewellery handmade with energized gemstones and sterling silver 


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