ANIMALS - connecting and communicating with live or departed

AURA - care for, changes, colours of it

BUSINESS - growth, hardship, investment, employees, decision making

CAREER - aspirations, earnings, direction, promotions, change

CHAKRAS - opening, clearing, re-energizing, self-care

CLOSURE - upcoming, necessary, preventable                    

COLOUR - what each means for you, how to use them to benefit

COMPANIONS - lovers, partners, soul mate

CRYSTALS - what can help you and/or property

DECISIONS - life changing, minor, advice, direction, goals, recovering

DEPENDENTS - elders, grand/children, unexpected situations, custody, visitation

DREAMS - reoccurring dreams, visitors, nightmares, astro-surfing

EVENTS - wedding, baby, holidays, birthdays, social and/or work

FAMILY - parents, children, siblings, spouse, aunts, uncles, grandparents

FERTILITY - adoption, future and during pregnancy, foster, infertility

FINANCIAL - invest, debt, salaries, budget, plan

GUARDIAN ANGELS - who yours is, their name, description, better way to connect

LEGAL - business, tickets, divorce, custody, direction, expectation, change

LOVE - situations and/or people involved, letting go

MEDIUMSHIP - connect with loved ones who have departed, animals and humans

MESSAGES - feathers or pennies found, scents, tilted pictures on wall, music

MINDSET - control fears, emotions, manifesting

NUMBERS - repeated numbers, personalized meanings

PAST LIVES - who, current connections, relation to current life and fears

RELATIONSHIPS - beginning, ending, strength, trust, increasing quality and length

SCHOOLING - direction, study tips, future development, strengths and improving

SPIRITS - who is close around, how to recognize them, create stronger connection

TRAVEL - moving, vacation, when, where, delays

UNEXPLAINED - knocks, voices, shadows, missing items,   uncomfortable feelings

WELL-BEING - physical, nutrition, allergies, mental, emotional

WORRIES - stress/tension, releasing, physical effects, stop unnecessary worrying


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