Energy Clearing for

Everyone and Everything



Energy can be positive or negative.


Everything we can see, feel, and touch is made of energy, as are we.


Energy is everywhere and lingers in places not occupied.


Many of us sense energy in some way without knowing why or how this affects us. We just may be uncomfortable in certain places, or just being with certain people our moods can change from happy to uneasy or sad.


Once we understand that we are, indeed, very receptive to energy in all of its forms, and how it affects us, we can appreciate how immediate our spirits are lifted once we and the space or person we wish to help has been cleared.


Many people who work within an environment of health care, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and counselors, are susceptible to attachments that linger within their facilities. Unless one knows how to protect oneself, lower vibrations will attach to our energy fields without our awareness.


Feelings associated with negative attachments include: fatigue, anger, lethargy, anxiety, depression, loneliness, apprehension, fear and despair.


Pain or the exacerbation of pain is also associated with the phenomenon.


People who have passed that were in pain, depressed, or died in an untimely manner leave their essence behind. Some are afraid they will be judged harshly for sins they have committed so they resist going into the Light. Some don’t even realize they have passed and feel alive once more if they attach themselves to a living human. This may all sound too weird, but this is REAL.


Negative energy is always present with addictive behavior patterns, or if a child is acting out. We all know someone who is difficult to get along with that we have to interact with on a personal or professional level.


Commercial property holds energy and is the leading cause of a failed business. Emotions of fear and anger from the former occupant linger until cleared. We have all noticed properties that stay vacant or always seem to have a new business every year when the lease ends. Energy is the reason.


This is a very rewarding part of my work.


I have cleared many people, places and things.  Few people do this type of work. It is very powerful.  It is one of the best ways I can contribute to the betterment of mankind.

Adults, seniors, children, pets, private homes, apartments, commercial property, hotel rooms, furniture, musical instruments, motor vehicles, and jewelry are commonly known to hold energy. Once the clearing is performed, there will be an immediate dramatic shift that can be measured.

This concept is as simple or as complicated as we perceive it to be.   No matter, how we process this information, let me assure you that this phenomenon is very real and affect every aspect of our lives.  If you schedule an important meeting with your boss for performance review, or an important interview, a clearing will eliminate any negative energy that may influence the outcome.

Persons who would most benefit from these clearings are those who are depressed, ill, acting out, difficult to get along with, chronically tired, those who cannot sleep well, persons with low self-esteem, low energy or with addictive behaviors, especially those persons who are angry and abusive.

Even fussy babies can be cleared through this process.

I do clearings remotely, and need not be physically present.  All I need is a description of the space or object, and/or the person’s name.  You can request someone be cleared that you are having difficulty getting along with, such as your child, husband, sibling, in-laws a co-worker or friend without their conscious knowledge. I tune in psychically to their energy through a process called muscle testing.   I have been trained to clear these energies safely through a process I have learned and fine-tuned.  As part of the clearings, I train people how to protect themselves and their spaces from future attachments


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