Unique Gemstone Jewellery and other items are a great way to enhance your day to day.  Encourage, protect, heal, strength – you name it – there are stones to help with it. Sterling silver, leather, cord and metal necklaces/chains, bracelets, earrings and anklets to choose from.  Wands, hearts, butterflies, skulls, raw and smooth gemstones detailed with sterling silver or take the simple side of things.


Metaphysical items for the home and body are a great asset in this busy world.  Everyone benfits from protecting and clearing their business, their home, a child's room and even their vehicle.   Maybe a keychain, zipper and phone charms, pet charms, pendulum, protection items, incense burners, crystals and gemstones or maybe it is special blends of handmade Canadian incense. The choices are endless.  Mix and match until your heart is content.

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