The Key to Unlocking Your Dreams Visualization

This lock and key visualization exercise can be used whenever you don't have anything specific you'd like to or can focus on. Imagine a key and a lock in your mind. Think of the lock as the place where all your dreams are hidden from view. Consider the key as a tool for unlocking your dreams.

Simply visualize both the key and the lock side by side, then as you deepen your visualization, imagine that the key is in your hand with you preparing to insert the key into the keyhole. Visualize unlocking the lock with a turn of the key. That's it. Continue practicing this simple key visualization routinely. The exercise of visualizing "unlocking" the lock over and over again will help you become a pro at the art of visualization.

Overtime, you can begin adding additional elements into your visualization. You could incorporate a light beam, doorway, staircase or pathway to help show you the way. Later on try transforming the lock into a treasure chest filled with golden coins and precious gems, or a trunk with beautiful wedding gown tucked inside, or try unlocking a roll top desk with a rolled college diploma stashed into a cubbyhole.

The possibilities are endless and you hold the key to it all.  Deep breath clear your mind and begin.  There is no minimum to start with and no time limit.  You can start one day and continue adding each day or create new ones every time.




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