Are You A Psychic Vampire?

Sometimes we act a certain way or are drawn to be close to someone.  Do you know why?
Do you feel energized when you are around certain individuals?
Are you most comfortable when you are with one or more people rather than being alone?
When your telephone conversation ends is it most often the other party who cut the call short?
Love making, is your primary intention to get yours, with your secondary and 10 being satisfy your lover? Be honest 
Do you constantly seek out others for answers, avoiding internal dialogue or self analysis?
Do you ask others for personal favors on a regular basis? do you tend to selfishly take advantage of others because they are easy mark?
Have you ever noticed that people interrupt you mid sentence when you are talking or will end conversations with you abruptly?
Are you a person who continually initiates invites, but who seldom is invited to a party?
Are you most comfortable when being stimulated with electronic companion such as television, radio, and mp3 player, rather than being in quiet solitude?
You anticipate group gatherings because of the buzz feeling you get when your around people?
People tend to shy away from you because they are a bit overwhelmed by your strong personality?
Stepping into a crowded elevator doesn't phase you the least?
Do you consider yourself to be the dominant partner in your relationship? 
Are you at your happiest when you are the center of attention?
Do you enjoy attending seminars and conventions because of all the excitement in the air created by the combined energies of so many people in one room?
Do you love to talk, but are also a poor listener?
Do you often feel low energetically or physically?
Do you often seek comfort from others because you feel uneasy with your  "lot" in life?
Do you tend to seek out individuals who offer you praise and assurances in order to feel good about yourself?



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