How to Do This Visualization Exercise 

Find quiet place where you can lay down or recline in a lounger. Close your eyes and take a relaxing breath. In your mind paint a picture of beach with blue skies and deep blue green water. A few more mental brush strokes and you'll discover yourself sitting under a palm tree. Imagine the sounds of the water and smells of the salty air along with your visuals. You know you're doing good when you can almost feel the sand between your toes.


Tips and Tricks

  • If you have trouble visualizing try to think of your meditation as a blank canvas. You are the artist. Be your own creator.
  • Visualize the landscape that relaxes you best (beach, forest, mountains, desert oasis, etc.)



The desire for fun and a change of pace is important. Don’t be afraid to deviate from some of your typical work and instead go around the room imagining a vacation treat designed to suit each of our desires.  It is fascinating to see how many marvelous vacation ideas quickly emerged.

Choices might be, Mexico and South America to view the ruins and lie on the sun in beautiful beaches or you may wish to go to Greece and see the ancient ruins there and then slowly make your way through Europe. This could take a leisurely period of time, perhaps even a year. What if it is just Europe, to do other things, such as take gourmet cooking classes in the South of France and become somewhat fluent in several languages. You could opt for spas and other experiences to bring vitality to your body and ultimately your spirit. A meditative retreat is an amazing option, as well.

Each one should be fulfilling, energizing and provide a change that would be good for you.  I can be a lot of fun to do this with a partner/ child or even a small group.   Sometimes embracing this together can bring a change in energy within each other and the area you share.

I realize how much each person, no matter what their background or problems, yearn for change, adventure, getting to know strangers and other places, no matter how burdened by your daily problems of relationships, children, money, etc.

How unique we all are -- that's for sure! Each vacation will be strikingly different from the others, and yet how universal so many of our needs for replenishment are.

I hope you'll take a few minutes now that spring has arrived fantasize and day dream about a wonderful vacation that you can create, at least in your mind.

Take the adventure.

Your magic carpets are waiting where will you be going!

Bon Voyage!                      




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