Spiritual Self Protection and Clearing


It’s a sad fact that there are negative energies and dark workers.  How can we, light workers, take care of ourselves?  I’ve thought a lot about this for myself and for my clients.


In this article, I will show you one way to disallow negative forces to come in contact with you. I also want to explain how it fits in relation to my healing and clearing work.  Further, the article contains some Dos and Don’ts in energetic self-protection


Healing and clearing

First, let me use an analogy to explain what I do in my healing service.  I’m like a professional housekeeping / maintenance crew.  You sense there is something about your place – on the surface, it looks fine, but it’s making you uncomfortable.  You trip often.  You cough.  You don’t sleep well.  Or maybe it’s beyond that – you actually find problems, say a plumbing issue, so you get it fixed, but somehow it’s not quite right.  Finally, you decide to get the big professional help.


So I come in and do a thorough check.  I find some mess made in this lifetime – some are made by yourself, some were made when your friends came over.  I go up in the attic and find a few more problems, like a huge area of mold, from several lifetimes ago.  I go down the basement and find a termite hub that is weakening the foundation.  Nasty stuffs.

I explain what is going on and how each problem is affecting you.  The subfloor is sinking here and that is why you trip.  The mold in the attic is causing you cough.  Your Reiki healer did fix that plumbing issue, the energetic leak, but the way she did was just to put a patch, so it’s a good idea to repair it properly.  And let’s put some protective sealing on the foundation to prevent further damages. . .

Something like that.  I check over 70 points in each of my clients so I won’t go into too much details, but hopefully this analogy gives some idea what it’s like.


For some energetic issues, I just clear them as I go.  For others, I do the initial clearing and then assign clearing homework to my clients to complete it.  This is determined by the kind of energetic issue.

So after the healing and clearing, your place is clean.  Now it’s up to you what you want to do with it.  That is your life.  (A small disclaimer here:  This doesn’t mean ALL the energetic issues get cleared and the soul is back to its original pristine condition with this healing, or the first comprehensive profile reading.  The first reading takes care of the major issues, which is usually plenty to jump start your life.  And if I add any more clearing to the first session, I could be sending my client to healing crisis.  Having said this, I do offer follow up healing for those who find it helpful.)


How can light-workers deal with energetic attacks?

Just like the housekeeping, getting the big professional help is great, but that doesn’t mean the house will stay clean that way.  As I said in the beginning, there are negative energies, and you may get their attacks.  The sealing works, but I find it works only so much when it’s just left there – we want to activate it.

But then, is it a good idea to just shut down the house to stay clean?  I don’t think so.  We are here to live, not to stay clean.

It’s also a poor idea to attack back the negative energy.  This only feeds dark-workers, which is what they are really after.


What we light-workers want to do is:

  1. To be aware of the potential energetic attacks so that we recognize it when it comes.
  2. To have some tools for spiritual self-protection and clearing.

Two kinds of energetic attacks

The energetic attacks can be categorized by where it is coming from, or who is directing the attacks:

  1. Energetic attacks from incarnated souls (people)
  2. Energetic attacks from discarnate beings

#1, the attacker may be someone you know or don’t.  Example of the latter includes readers who get upset at what I have to say on this site to the point they send me bindings or anger spears.  Examples of the first include both people you currently have contact with (your family, friends, people at work, etc.) and people you knew before.

And while most attacks come from dark-workers, occasionally light-workers do attack, too.  Aah, tell me about being a human.  For this reason, it’s possible you attack yourself.


#2 kind of attacks are a bit hard to explain.  There are beings that are not in physical bodies but nonetheless exist.  Sometimes they are behind #1 kind of attacks, sometimes they do their own attacks without involving incarnated souls.  When it’s the latter kind, it’s pretty hard to detect what is going on.


Recognizing the energetic attacks

Energetic interferences from incarnate souls often come as some forms of psychological manipulation.  Pay attention how you feel when you are with that person.  Do you feel light, warm, and free?  Or do you feel bound, dump, heavy?

And keep paying attention how you feel as you go through your day.  Eventually this becomes your way of life so you notice when you are anything less than your natural state of being in Divine Love and Light.

And when you do notice you may be getting the influence of dark energies, stop.  Now remember it’s no good to talk back or attack back to the offender?  This is your time to take care of yourself.  Do something nurturing.


The bubbles of spiritual self-protection

This is about activating the sealing, or the spheres of protection around us.  We have spheres, the concentric bubbles around us that disallow negative energies to come in contact with us.  When you have to deal with someone who may be attacking you energetically, visualize these bubbles around you, and keep that person outside.  If they try to make their way in, gently hold them where they are, outside the bubbles.

This is so not only when you are near them physically but also when you have mental interaction with them.

For those of you who are not familiar with the spheres of protection, do this visualization:

  1. Visualize white light coming down from heaven, and it forms a bubble around you.
  2. Visualize more white light coming down, and it forms the second bubble outside the first one.
  3. Do this six time, forming six bubbles around you.
  4. These are gentle shiny bubbles.  Love can pass both ways, no problem.  Only the negative energy is distracted.

You can do this at the beginning of meditation, too.


Spiritual self clearing

I’ve been working on developing an effective self clearing procedure.  I will probably start offering it as a pilot to some of my clients soon.  This is especially important to those who have had Ascension soul shift.  With the Ascension soul shift, you get a brand new soul with no past life.  So it’s critical to care for this soul and keep it in good condition for further spiritual growth.

The point is utilizing your intention in alignment with Divine Love, Light, and Truth, so if you are familiar with prayer request or affirmation, that would work, too.  Additionally, Karen Bishop has a lot of suggestions in her great book The Ascension Primer.  (She does not use the term soul shift nor spiritual self clearing, but the concepts are the same, or at least they appear to be so to me.)

By the way, did I mention this issue of spiritual self protection and clearing is very close to my own heart?  Tell me, if a negative being wants to attack someone, which one do you think would choose:

  1. Someone who are stuck in the middle of light and darkness, or what Hunter Nuttall calls neutralworker
  2. Someone who works in the Hall of Akashic Records day in and day out, releasing light from darkness

Duh, of course #2.  I know.  I am targeted.  And I still do it.

The development and self-testing of this spiritual self clearing procedure is taking up so much of my time that I am seriously behind my schedule of doing the readings.  I’m so sorry for those in the waiting list.  But I believe this work will be in the highest good of all, in the long run.  So please bear with me


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