Number Meanings

Meanings of Numbers in Dreams


Numbers in your dreams can have spiritual significance -- especially when you dream about numbers during dreams (those through which God, his angels or a loved one passed on delivers messages to you). Number meanings may represent either your personal associations with certain numbers, or general symbolic meanings of those numbers.


Here's how to interpret the meanings of numbers that appear in your dreams:


After you wake up from sleeping, record whatever you remember about your dream. If you saw numbers or heard a voice speaking numbers in your dream, ask yourself what personal connections you may have to those numbers. What personal relevance do the numbers have to your waking life? Numbers may draw your attention to many different parts of your life, such as your relationships (a friend's phone number, a child's age, a wedding anniversary date, etc.), your career (your access computer access codes at work, your salary amount, etc.), and your health (your weight, the address of your doctor's office, etc.).

Reflect on what personal associations you may have with the numbers you have dreamed about, and pray for the wisdom to figure out what God wants you to do with that information.



Consider General Symbolic Meanings


Here's a brief overview of the symbolic meanings of numbers 0 through 9:

* Zero (0): eternity, freedom, potential

One (1): individuality, leadership, originality, beginnings

* Two (2): cooperation, partnership, receptivity, agreement

Three (3): vitality, self-expression; the union of body, mind, and spirit

* Four (4): stability, structure, responsibility

* Five (5): courage, change, the five senses

* Six (6): generosity, service, cooperation, balance

* Seven (7): truth, perfection, healing, rest, completion

* Eight (8): success, authority, judgment, wealth

* Nine (9): universal awareness, open-mindedness, reconciliation, creativity


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