Freedom from the Fear of Death

Is the fear of death interfering with your enjoyment of life?  Do you think you’d live so much more courageously and fully if you could be free from the fear of death?  Even if you are afraid of even talking about death, please have a read, I can show you why you don’t need to be that scared.  




Death as Separation

Death is about separation. “Once we cross over to the other side, there is no coming back.” or so we were taught to think, and the very sense of distance and the irreversible nature of the change dazzles many. The physical changes such as not breathing or the heart not beating are superficial signs of death. Death is about moving on to another side of existence — to “crossover”.



Double Standard of Death in Organized Religions

Much later in my life, I had this dream about death that had the joyous sense of going home. In that dream, death was a completion of this lifetime that could be accepted with peace.

Death of a loved one is sad because it is about separation. We lose them – as they were in the physical form. Very sad and we do ourselves service by spending time in mourning.

However, it is important to note that death is not a punishment. Gosh, if death was a punishment, the whole life is condemned. It’s like running into a 100% certain catastrophe! And some religions teach you can buy salvation from this catastrophe? OMG. While I respect everyone’s faith, I must say some organized religions manipulate their congregations with fear tactics, by setting up double standard about death.

One of their teaching is that death is bad and people who die young did something wrong. (Or died for everyone else’s sins. . .) So their congregations run around fearing death, the image of death tainted with guilt and shame. On the other hand, they say heaven is our home and the dead is happy there.



Death is a transformation process and life after death

Everything in this physical world is designed to end. That is how things get renewed here, but we are not just our bodies. Our soul, the energy within us, moves on after it leaves its host body. So death is a transformation process. There are many past life regression therapists who support this view of death. It’s great we are finally liberating ourselves from the myth and fear of death.

I’m happy I help people see through their many lifetimes in my service.  It’s another way to understand ourselves as spiritual beings that transcends deaths.

Are you afraid of death? Are there any aspects of death that you are confused about?

I can give you some answers, some clarity and have a better understanding.


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