Headache Relief

Three Natural Methods to Feel Better Fast



With a little practice, you can use energy healing for headaches, relieving and often eliminating the pain.

Holding your hand in the energy field around the head, you can often feel the energy of a headache. (Healing Touch practitioners often report feeling the pain spike of a migraine many feet away from the sufferer's physical body.) 

It may feel hot, spiky, dense, painful (to the healer’s hand), throbbing, tingly, or “electric.”  The energy is often concentrated, excessive, and “stuck.”  Getting it to balance and flow can be very helpful.



Pain Pump

An excellent energy healing for headaches technique, adapted from a Healing Touch method, works to draw the energy of the pain off, draining it away and out into the earth.

  • Put your open left hand above the most intense area of the pain (or wherever you feel that the field is most disturbed), usually a few inches or more away from the head, with the palm facing the head. Experiment with the distance to see if you can find the pain in the field, and hold your hand there.
  • Hold your right hand away from your body, with the palm open and fingers together, pointing down toward the ground. Imagine that you are drawing the energy of the pain into your left hand, across the front of your body, down your right arm, out your right hand, and into the earth.
  • You may need to hold this position for a while (up to about five minutes). To speed up the process, you can open and close your right hand to help “pump” the pain out.
  • When you feel the flow of energy slowing down, or when you (or the person you are working on) feels relief, switch hands, putting your right hand in the field above the headache, and your left hand pointing toward the sky.

Visualize pure white light channeling into your left hand, traveling to your right arm and hand, and filling the headache area.




Another technique is to move your left hand slowly counter clockwise in a circular motion in the field over the head or the particular headache area, for up to several minutes. This will help to clear and release excess energy.

Then, reverse the motion and move your right hand in a clockwise circle over the painful area to balance the area you’ve just cleared.



Perhaps the simplest energy healing technique for headaches is just to hold your palm over the headache area, in the field, for one to five minutes. Hold the intention to relieve the pain. You can hold your hand still or move it to "smooth" the energy in the disturbed area.

I hope that these techniques of energy healing for headaches are useful to you. One beautiful thing is that they can't hurt you! (But do be sure to call your medical doctor if you have any concerns.)

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