How to Increase Your Abilities Using Crystals


Crystals retain and emit psychic information.             

 Psychic information is transferred through emotion, desire and visualization.

For the purpose of explaining the use of crystals in the enhancement of psychic ability, I am only referring to clear, crystal quartz points. Not tumbled quartz rounds.

The infusion of psychic impressions after the crystal is fully developed, can be altered. This process is often called "cleansing" or "clearing". I use the two terms as one and the same.

To clear your quartz crystal of psychic impressions introduced after it has been unearthed is very simple and it can be done in more than one way. I'll briefly describe the methods I prefer and use myself.

3 Options to choose from:

1) Rinse your crystal under clear, running water. Well water is the best, but city water works, too. As you hold the crystal under the flow of water, you may feel the energy becoming "thinner". Often, the energy of a crystal begins as feeling almost thick, like it has a sticky texture around it. You probably won't "see" it but you can most likely feel it. Allowing the water to clear it tends to remove lower psychic vibrations - the psychic vibrations that we feel most easily - such as sadness, fear, anger. As these lower frequencies are literally washed away, the higher frequency vibrations are more readily felt. And because these higher frequencies require a heightened sense of psychic awareness to feel, they may feel "thinner" as opposed to the "thickness" of the lower vibrations.

2) Another method I like is to cover the crystal in sea salt, and allow it to stay there, undisturbed, for 24 hours. Notice that I didn't say cover it in salt water. Doing this may break down the crystal, making it weak and vulnerable to scarring or pitting. By placing the crystal in sea salt, you are in effect allowing any negative psychic impressions to be drawn out, naturally, and to be absorbed by the salt. When you're done, throw the salt away - I do not recommend reusing it.

3) Set the crystal in the sun or full moon for several hours. You may even be able to physically see the difference in the clarity of the stone after doing this. It's pretty exciting. Now that you have a crystal that is clear, it is ready to "work" for you.

Next Step,

1) Hold the crystal in one hand and cup it with the other. It does not matter which hand you use or if you're left or right handed.

2) Focus on the emotion or desire that you want to impart within the crystal. If the crystal is to increase psychic abilities say to yourself something like, "My psychic abilities increase ten-fold every time I pick up this crystal" or "I enhance my psychic abilities by holding this crystal". What you say isn't nearly as important as the desire and pure emotion you back the words up with. FEEL what you want and visualize it or see it entering the crystal. If you can't visualize very well then just imagine it and know that it is happening. Remember: psychic impressions are always conveyed via emotion and desire and visualization. "Visualization" is called "imagination" in some psychic training courses. They are the same. So, if you can't visualize easily then just imagine that it's happening. Your emotion and desire will make it so.

3) Be specific. Always keep the affirmation or psychic impression in the now and keep it positive. "I increase my psychic abilities" is specific, now and positive. "I will be more psychic one day" is specific, but it's in the future (will be and one day) and it isn't very positive by stating that what you want can only occur in the future. One day never gets here because the universe only exists in the here and now. This affirmation process is commonly referred to as "charging" the crystal. "Charging" just means "programming". You are "charging it" or "programming it" with your own psychic impression.

4) Use the crystal! Are you reading a book about psychic development? Hold the crystal as you read - you'll psychically transmit what you're reading into the crystal, of course, you will be able to more readily recall the information, by way of psychic impression, or memory, when you use the crystal. Need to make a decision and can't decide? Hold your psychic-infused crystal and ask yourself what you should do. Keep it simple, especially in the beginning. "Do I choose "A" or "B"?" You'll receive the answer in way of feeling or thought or emotion. Pay attention. This is your “psychic self” working with you and for you by way of the crystal.

Each time you use your psychic crystal, you are increasing its vibratory field and making it an even more powerful psychic tool.

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