Unwinding the Robot and Awakening Your Senses

Daily grind getting you down? Or, are your regular routines making you feel sluggish, maybe even robotic? You don't have to make major changes from your normal routine to get out of the rut you're in. Baby steps, baby! Smallchanges is all it takes to get energy flowing into a more lively vibration. So, if you feel as if you are in a rut and that life is somehow passing you by, you're probably needing to do some flips. Switching gears, ever so slightly, can make all the difference. Flips will jump start motivational juices, unblocking stuck energies and unlocking boredom. 

Flip-flopping is merely doing just the opposite, or at the very least purposely undertaking a variation from the norm. The purpose of flip-flopping is to awaken yourself, energizing your life blood. When we go through the stale motions of performing our daily habits most of us tend to zone out mentally and emotionally. We are not fully in our bodies, instead we are floating or sleeping, aimless and unaware. We get stuck in our patterns, possibly stunting our spiritual growth or harming our physical well-being. 

Intentional changes in your 
habits will add awareness to what's going on around you. Awareness is a good thing. 

Take a few minutes to map out your current daily rituals. Jot down all the things that you routinely do on a note pad. Don't forget to include those seemingly insignificant habits such as brushing your teeth, washing your hair, or catching the bus for work. 

For each of the things on your list, think of an easy way to FLIP FLOP it. Think of flipping as a way of adding a new spice into your stew. Try it! You might actually like it.

Below are a few examples of normal habits and suggestions for flipping them.

Brushing Your Teeth

Normal Habit: Mindlessly brushing your teeth while staring at the pores +3

on your nose in the bathroom mirror. 

Flip Flop: Take a spit cup in hand and head outdoors to enjoy your flower garden while brushing those pearly whites. Or, focus on an affirmation written on the post-it note you stuck on the mirror. 

Driving To Work

Normal Habit: Leave the house twenty minutes before punching the time clock. Ten minutes driving in your car on a familiar route. Park the car. Walk into the office. Greet your co-workers. Grab a coffee from the break room and scurry to your desk. Your work day begins. 

Flip Flop: Get up an hour earlier allowing yourself time to meet a colleague for a nurturing breakfast before heading off to the office. Or, give yourself some extra time to stop at the neighborhood park and go for a swing before starting your work day. Swinging through the air should help get your chi pumping .

Washing Your Hair

Normal Habit: In the shower while standing upright, shampoo, rinse, shampoo, rinse, condition. 

Flip Flop: Wash your hair with your head stuck under the faucet in the sink. This will get the blood flowing into your head. I stick my head downwards inside the sink and give myself an upside down scalp massage at least once a month. I enjoy the invigorating blood flow into my brain. 

Evening Routine

Normal Habit: Prepare dinner, eat at 6:30 P.M., Watch television until bedtime. 

Flip Flop: Prepare dinner, eat at 6:30 P.M. It's actually healthy to eat routinely at the same time every day. Flip your mealtime by eating dessert first. Tape your favorite show, saving it to watch some other day. Instead of sprawling on the couch in front of the boob-tube, elect to catch up on your laundry to free up the coming weekend. Read a book, or write a poem. 

Turning Down the Bed Sheets

Normal Habit: Sleep on the right side of the bed. 

Flip Flop: Sleep on the left side of the bed. This may take some convincing if you sleep with a partner who doesn't want to give up his or her side of the bed for even one night. Another option would be to flip flop your head and feet by positioning your pillow at the foot of the bed. 

Retiring at the same time every night is a good bedtime habit to have. But, even so, you can easily flip this habit for a day or two. Flip your bedtime by staying up an additional hour, or retire an hour earlier. An extra hour of sleep will ease the bone weary. An additional wakeful hour could help energize any energy sluggishness. 


Unwind your robot, break out of old routines, and start flipping out!



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