Self Clearing Tips 

1.Open window curtains.

Think about how amazing it feels when out in nature. The moon is alive and electric with potent life force, often filling us with fresh hope. When we open curtains, we invite this same wild grace into our space. The outside moon light beckons our home to enjoy a deep cleansing breath, exhaling negativity out. Invite the ripples of the moon light into your surroundings.

2. Burn incense.

As mindful as we strive to be in conversation, we sometimes say too much. And as carefully as we filter what seeps in through media, it is an easy slip. So, keep a stash of incense sticks handy.

Incense has a magical quality that shifts energy immediately. Burn incense after a stormy argument or any lingering unpleasantness — it restores balances in our surroundings. Some practitioners love nag champa, white sage; others love sandalwood. Experiment, and use what your nose LOVES. Our intention while clearing the air carries its own irrefutable power.

3. Take a sea salt bath.

When left unattended, toxic words eventually get into us. They pile up and we feel the effects weeks later in unexpected outbursts or clinging bad moods. Slip into a salt bath for 20 minutes — this renews our personal energetic fields immediately. Need an easy recipe? Add 2 — 4 cups of sea salt with a few drops of a favorite essential oil (or a couple orange peel rinds) to a full bath, and let yourself soak.

4. Use beautiful words.

Habits don’t change overnight, so try this instead: make it a goal to use the word JOY or LOVE 50 times a day. When we pirouette through our home with gorgeous words, the world turns in our favor. Words create a gravitational force, attracting their likeness into our lives.

Words absolutely shape our tender trajectories, each making its own energetic deposit in our surroundings. Observe the words spoken in your space and how they make you feel. Incorporate a few of these techniques into your daily rhythm, and adopt the one(s) that work for you. When we honor their power, words fuel our ability to live a really good life.

5. Release and Let Go

You want to take time before you go to sleep tonight and ask your Guides to “take what you don’t need.”  Allow the option for them to remove anything you do not need.  This includes emotions, energies, memories and so forth.  This goes all the way back to your past life experiences.  Your guides are there to help you and know what is best.  Let them do your mental housekeeping.  Take several deep breaths and allow them to stay and work on you as long as they need.

6. Protect yourself

Every day we are subjected to negative thoughts, emotions and energies of our own and those around us.  We must protect ourselves so that we may continue to stay positive.  Create a “bubble” of mirrored protection around you.  The mirror being on the outside for others to see their own reflection.  This is a valuable tool for you and helpful to others.  This bubble can be filled with whatever you so desire, love, white light, healing… and can be changed according to your needs on a daily basis.  This is your very own bubble, no one enters into it. This can be done every day.

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