A Simple Spiritual House Clearing


Need: Salt. (Any salt will do, sea salt, Himalayan rock salt, bath salt etc.)

1.)   Find a beautiful glass bowl of any size and add the blessed salt. (See below to bless salt)


2.)  Place the bowl with the salt near the hearth of the home/centre of the home, example; kitchen or where everyone gathers. That is the hearth.


3.)    Leave it there for three days.


4.)   On the third day, take the bowl and the salt somewhere where you can release both the physical salt as well as the psychic attachments it has absorbed. (I recommend the beach or river if possible, or a park or forest).


5.)    As you empty the bowl, tell the salt about your worries/troubles and your fears/negative thoughts. It will take those as well.


6.)   Perform this clearing as often as you feel the need.

You will notice a distinct improvement in the atmosphere of your home within a few days.


Below is another option for doing a Property / House clearing  find which one "feels" right for you.  Feel free to combine the two and make it your own.

How to complete a house clearing



Have you ever walked into your home and felt a strange presence? Have you ever bought a home and just didn't feel like it was very welcoming? If so, you may have been surrounded by negative energy or worse; some form of entity could have taken up residence there. Negative energy is everywhere, along with positive energy. But to ensure the peacefulness of your home, kept safe from spiritual attacks, one must know the proper way of cleansing their personal space.

Our bodies are much like the homes we inhabit. Just as our spirits need a nice clean body to reside in, we, as people, need the comfort of knowing our homes are peaceful without evil entities or bad spirits. Our bodies retain positive as well as negative energy when unchecked. One must learn to release the positive energy from their bodies into the space they wish to fill it with. It begins in the center or appropriate space inhabited by the soul. The soul must be filled with white light energy. An individual should pull the energy from center, up through the chest and out of the hands. Then when the force causes the skin to lightly tingle, it is released out through the fingertips.

How do you bless your home; cleansing it of negative energy? Many religions or spiritualists believe in cleansing the home of impurities by way of speaking a blessing over the residence. Sacred space is supposed to be protected from negative energy and have a clean spiritual feel to it. There are various ways to conduct a cleansing and we will examine one of those ways.

Before a spiritual blessing of your home is conducted, the atmosphere must be extremely calm. Background is very important as the cleansing is performed. Calm music leaves the individual in a peaceful and relaxed state enabling the mind to be able to draw on the positive energy. Before attempting the channeling, take time to fully enjoy the music and enter into an altered state of mind; separate yet solidly attached to reality (very much like a meditative state.) Focus your mind unwavering on positive thoughts so that the energy will have its fuel.

Before you begin the cleansing, you will need a couple of items:

  1. A medium bundle of Sage (preferably California White Sage)
  2. Sweet grass
  3.  Abalone shell for loose sage leaves 
  4. Spring or purified water
  5.  Sea salt 
  6. Spray bottle

You will first need to burn sage for the initial cleansing. You can also combine the sage with sweet grass which is used for ritual cleansing. This technique is often referred to as smudging. You would begin by choosing whether you want to burn the bundle compactly or if you wish to pull twigs and leaves from the bundle to burn. The abalone shell serves as a bowl for burning the individual leaves. When you begin to burn the end of the bundle; you must travel to all corners of the room in each room of the house. In a clockwise manner, move from corner to corner smoking and cleansing the space as you recite a blessing over your home. This way was practiced by the Native Americans. There are many different blessings that can be used, including catholic prayers; but my personal favorite is a simple binding prayer. Simply repeat the blessing: "I bind all negative energy from this home and bring positive influence with my presence."

After burning the sage and sweet grass, it is time to use the blessed water. As you pour the purified water into the spray bottle, it is important to bless it. This technique is what makes the water holy. You do not have to be a priest to bless purified water. The intentions and the positive energy you have channeled during the meditation leaves you clean and well able to pronounce blessings.

Return to the corners of the rooms, in all rooms of the home and disperse the blessed water. The sage smoke and pure water combine to cause a chemical reaction. This will help the individual to feel the crisp clean effect left after the cleansing.

When all this has been accomplished, sit in the center of each room and visualize a bright light or loving energy filling the space.

By placing a thin line of Sea Salt around the outside perimeter of the house and the property line edges helps to protect from the outside/ others energy.  This is like a shield or a wall barrier to assist in keeping things positive and flowing.

The other wonderful attribute to this is that you seal what is in, in.  After the clearing you have removed the negative and brought in the positive.  The trail of sea salt will help to maintain the energies. 

After all is completed, make sure to take a shower to cleanse any residual negative force from your body. Sometimes negative energy attaches itself to the individual while they are channeling the positive energy.  Take a deep breath and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of your home. It has been cleansed of negative entities, spooks, demons or anything with evil intent or restlessness. The difference should be obvious to friends visiting whom previously had negative experiences at your home.

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