Health of Your Chakras

Chakras can become blocked or imbalanced. With a chakra blockage, the free flow of energy in and out, plus the flow of energy to other chakras, is impeded. If the chakras are imbalanced, one or more chakras is over-active or underactive compared to the others.

Blockages and imbalances in a chakra can result in disturbances--sometimes profound--in a person’s health, emotions, mind, spirit, or life.

What does a healthy chakra system look like?

On the subtle level, the chakras in a healthy chakra system are each a clear vibrant version or their true color; each is spinning clockwise; and each is clear and open. The chakras as a whole are in relative balance to each other--that is, none is extremely overactive or underactive compared to the others. Energy flows freely into and out of each one. Energy also flows freely vertically up and down the central channel, between the seven chakras.

On a physical level, a healthy chakra system usually manifests as:

  • a relatively healthy physical body with good vitality
  • a basic sense of security and safety in the world
  • balanced sexuality, neither under- nor over-active; creatively active
  • sense of self-worth, ability to make things happen in the physical world
  • balanced, healthy relationships, connection to nature
  • ability to express own truth, to express self, to listen as well as talk
  • intellect balanced with other attributes of intelligence; active intuition
  • sense of meaning in life; sense of connection to a higher power or larger purpose

As you can see, a person with a totally healthy chakra system would be a very healthy person indeed, in mind, body, and spirit. Don't expect yourself to fulfill the ideal in each chakra!


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