Easy Chakra Activities

Enjoyable, Everyday Activities That You Can Do to Keep Each Chakra Healthy
Opening your chakras can help you be healthy and happy.

When your chakras are open, your physical body and your life are healthy and balanced. When any of the seven chakras are blocked or underactive, it can cause significant imbalances in your body or life.

Energy flows through the chakra system in two ways.  First, it flows up and down along your central channel, base of spine to top of head, connecting the chakras. Second, it flows horizontally, in an exchange of energy with the cosmos.

It's very common for one or more chakras to become blocked or imbalanced. A blockage in a chakra can disturb a person’s health, emotions, mind, spirit, or life.
To stay healthy and happy and spiritually evolving, it's important to keep all the chakras open and balanced, smoothly exchanging energy with the universal energy and with each other.


Down-to-Earth Methods for Chakra Opening


There are many techniques you can use for chakra opening.

Many energy healers will spend a considerable amount of their time with you healing the chakras: opening, balancing, and energizing them. A professional energy healing can be good not only for chakra opening, but also for you to get a feel for your own chakras.

But there are also many easy, natural, non-esoteric (and fun) ways that you can open your own chakras. I call it "everyday energy healing." Following are some suggestions for chakra opening for each of the seven chakras. They're just suggestions. I'm sure that you'll be able to come up with many more of your own.

Keep in mind that the way to make these techniques effective is to do them mindfully, with sacred intention to open the chakra.

First Chakra Opening Activities

Belly breathe; walk, especially walk barefoot in nature; dance; ground; mindfully eat healthy food, especially root vegetables; garden; create healthy order or structure in your life or home, such as creating a filing system or putting up shelves in the garage; wear a pleasing color of red; surround yourself with pleasing smells, especially cedar, clove, or patchouli.

Second Chakra Opening Activities

Spend time in moonlight and near open water; affirming erotic play; dancing; walking in nature; surround yourself with beauty, especially things that are beautiful to the touch; enjoy flowers, especially roses, iris, and other beautiful-smelling blooms; use perfumes with musk, ylang ylang, sandalwood; swim (especially in the moonlight); play; wear sensual fabrics next to the skin; free up your schedule to make more time for spontaneity; eat fruit, chocolate or other sweet foods (in moderation); wear a pleasing shade of orange.

Third Chakra Opening Activities

Belly breathe; spend time in the sunlight; do vigorous sports or activity; clean out a closet or do another task that you've been putting off; do something that you've been procrastinating on; make a point of dressing and grooming yourself well; work on cleaning or decorating the outside of your house; eat a high-protein meal; hold your head high; smile, no matter how you're feeling; set an intention, take a small step to set it in motion, and then allow yourself to rest for a day; assert yourself on a small matter; smell rosemary or lavender; wear a pleasing shade of yellow.


Fourth Chakra Opening Activities

Be out in nature; spend time with small children and domestic animal companions; make a donation; volunteer at a food bank, homeless shelter, pet shelter, etc.; give and accept hugs; scents of rose, jasmine, fresh grass; forgive someone; express gratitude; perform a "random act of kindness"; give someone a compliment; work for peace; eat a bountiful, fresh salad; see an old, dear friend; sing a song that always makes you feel good; wear a pleasing shade of green or pink.

Fifth Chakra Opening Activities

Speak up about something you've been silent about; sing or hum; chant; tone; take voice lessons; listen to someone with your whole heart for five minutes, then switch and have them listen to you; speak your truth; create something and display it; drink tea; do some neck and shoulder rolls; do the yoga facial exercise known as "The Lion"; write in your journal; share a favorite poem with someone; stand under a blue sky; scents of sage and frankincense; wear a pleasing shade of light blue.

Sixth Chakra Opening Activities

Allow yourself to let your intellect rest and follow to an intuition; be aware of "sixth sense" experiences; keep a dream notebook; stand under a starry night sky; meditate; rub your temples; look at something from a different point of view or from a whole different way; have or do a card reading (or other form of divination) for yourself; deeply relax your eyes; take some time to really see the world around you; scents of vanilla, jasmine; wear a pleasing shade of deep, dark blue.

Seventh Chakra Opening Activities

Spend an extended time in stillness and silence; meditate; pray; receive or give energy work; massage your head and scalp; find things to be grateful for; surrender a problem to your higher power; do anything that makes you feel peaceful and harmonious; create an altar; listen for guidance out of prayer and stillness; accept things that you just "know," without intellectual proof; visit mountain tops or other places that offer high, clear vistas; scents of rose and lotus; wear a pleasing shade of purple.


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