Aura Sensing Exercises

You have heard of 'Auras' this is an ideal exercise to begin sensing them. This is one of the first exercises used during training as a spiritual Healer, It is so simple and so exciting when you experience it for the first time.


EXERCISE 1: Sensing the Hands’ Energies


Stand or sit comfortably. Take three breaths to energize yourself.


Hold your hands up to about waist height, with the palms facing inwards, and the width of your body between them. Let the hands relax so that the fingers separate naturally. Notice what you sense.


Bring them together slowly, again noticing what you sense as you do so


Now rub your hands together briskly and hold them out again as before. Bring them together slowly, noticing what you sense as you do so.


Rub your hands together and hold them out again, this time with twice the width between them. Bring them together slowly. What do you notice?


Finally, rub your hands together and hold them out as far as you can. Bring them together slowly. Did you find a difference in what you sensed? You may have sensed the energies of your hands as something like a soft ball between them, which grew in size as you rubbed your hands together each time.


Now work the same way again, but with a partner to see what you can sense together.


EXERCISE 2: Sensing the Hands’ Energies with a Partner


Stand opposite your partner with an arm’s length between you.


Both rub your hands together briskly and hold them at shoulder height with the palms facing your partner.


Close your eyes.


Slowly move your two palms towards each other. Notice what you sense.


Stop when you can feel your palms ‘bouncing’ gently against the ‘ball’ of energy between you. Open your eyes and see where your hands are.


Now stand six paces apart and rub your hands together.


Close your eyes. Hold your hands up in the same way as before and slowly step towards your partner until you can sense the ball of energy again.


Open your eyes and see if the ball of energy you are both sensing has grown bigger.


Finally, stand twelve paces apart and repeat the sensing with your eyes closed. Discuss with your partner what you both sensed.


Decide whether you think you could go on increasing the distance between you and what the reason for this might be.


These exercises have given you a taste of things to come, as far as your hands are concerned.


EXERCISE 3: Sensing the Energies of your Partner


Ask your partner to stand, with feet slightly apart, to relax and breathe normally.


Stand in front of your partner and hold the palms of your hands a body’s width away from your partner’s head. Slowly bring your palms in towards the head until you feel a change in the energy between your hand and your partner’s head. (When your sensitivity has developed sufficiently you will be able to feel the energy radiating from the head as you ‘bounce’ your palms gently against this field.


Now slowly bring your palms down the body, continuing to trace the energy field around it. Notice how far from the body it seems to project. Be prepared for it to change. Does it swell out or go in any point?


Repeat the process down the front and back of your partner’s body. How far above the top of the head does it extend?


Next, to find out if the field seems to extend from the feet also, ask your partner to lie down and see what the emanations are from the feet.


You have now built up a picture of the total energy field which surrounds your partner. As you do the exercise, you might pick up colours, an unusual shape to the energy field or variations in temperature. These are all part of your interpretation of your partner’s energy field. See if your partner can relate to your findings.


This exercise should be repeated from time to time. One experience of sensing another’s aura will not teach you all there is to know. See if you become aware of ‘layers’ in the aura. Make a note of how you were aware of this. Some people experience the energies of an aura as areas of heat or coldness. If this happens to you, decide what you think this means in terms of your partner’s health and general balance of energy. Discuss these findings with your partner.

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