Protect and Clear Your Aura

It is critical to protect your aura on a daily basis, especially if you (or your children) are empathic and obviously pick up on other people’s energy.  Or if you are developing your intuition or are already fairly intuitive, then you are also more susceptible to picking up negative energy or even negative entities.  I am frequently asked how to help a child or adult who becomes overwhelmed in crowds, who picks up on other’s emotions or even pain.   In this article, I will discuss several of the more common ways that you can protect yourself and/or protect your child and cleanse negative energy.

  1. Protection Bubble–This is the most commonly known way of protecting the aura.  I do this virtually every single day upon awakening.  It gets me connected to the Divine and begins my day on a positive note.  Imagine white light coming down from the Divine/God/Your Higher Power.  It comes down to the crown of your head and then spills out over you and down under your feet.  You are now surrounded by a white light bubble.  White is pure and thus, highly protective.  It is also full of love from our Creator.  Now, that your bubble is around you, you are protected from any negative energy coming inside your bubble.  You can now change the color if you’d like, add mirrors to reflect away any negative energy (I use this when going into a place that is known to have negative energy or where there will be a large group of people), put hearts to emanate love, whatever you want to put on it to affect your energy for that day.  This is easy to teach to children and if they are not old enough to do it themselves, you can do it for them.  Just imagine the bubble around them.  My kids do this every day before school.  It made a HUGE difference.  You can put bubbles around your house too. 
  2. Carry a piece of black tourmaline with you.  Black tourmaline is one of the best known crystals for protecting against negative energy.  It’s relatively inexpensive as well.  You can find jewelry with it also.
  3. Receive regular energy healings.  Energy healing will clear any blockages you have and I also check for negative entites and any emotional cords that may need to be cut.  Both of these can impact your energy tremendously!!  They can cause mood swings, anger, an imbalanced emotional connection to another that you can’t seem to break, behavior challenges in children, an increase in fear, and so on.
  4. Smudge your aura regularly.  Smudging is a Native American practice using white sage to cleanse any negative energy.  When my kids or husband (or even me) start getting cranky, whiny, angry, etc., I pull out my smudge stick and cleanse everyone.  It is also a good practice after you’ve been around people who drain your energy and/or large groups of people.
  5. Stay grounded.  Grounded means your energy is connected to Mother Earth.  You are not floating around in the ether which is where very spiritual people sometimes prefer to be.  :)  However, it makes us less aware of our physical surroundings which can make us more susceptible to negative energy.  There are many ways to get grounded.  My favorite way is to stand under or hug a tree.  Trees are amazing beings that will ground you and remove your negative energy sometimes within just a minute or two.  I’ve walked into an oak grove sick and walked out 20 minutes later healed.  Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you!  Oh, be sure to thank the tree for helping you.  Another way to ground includes carrying a piece of hematite, a very inexpensive stone, with you.  Or wearing it in a piece of jewelry.  You can also wear the color red, which is associated with the root chakra, to help you with grounding.  Be careful not to wear too much or it will aggravate your energy.
  6. Keep your aura close to you.  Every time your aura crosses someone else’s, you are picking up on their energy.  If you keep your aura close to you (just by imagining it as so), your aura doesn’t interact with so many others’ auras.  To see where you aura is, hold up your hands and push out as if you were feeling for your protection bubble mentioned above.  When you feel a difference in the density of the energy, that is where your aura begins/ends.
  7. Use sound to clear your aura.  Certain tones have the ability to clear our energy.  Find a Tibetan singing bowl, a handheld chime, a ceremonial drum, or tuning forks with a tone that is soothing.  It’s clearing your energy and that’s why you feel better after hearing the tone.

You certainly don’t have to do all of these every day.  Mix things up, determine what works for you.  Then do it consistently.  Most of these spiritual cleansing options are very inexpensive or free.  I recommend the protection bubble every day as the foundation for good protection.  Then add whatever else works for you and/or your children.


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