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We get very clear and direct messages for our clients, which helps to give them clarity and peace of mind. The funny thing is that these messages are as accurate for the person that is sitting across from us, or for someone who is having a phone reading sitting thousands of miles away.

We use our abilities as a Psychic and a Medium to receive and give messages.  As a Psychic, we connect with Spirit, God, Universe, Guides and Angels.  As a Medium, we connect with People that have crossed over, that present themselves. 

We do this by using these 'clair' senses.  We can... hear (clairaudient), see (clairvoyant), feel-sense (clairsentient), taste (clairgustant), smell (clairalient), messages from feelings / pain (clairempathy), touch (clairtangent).


Experience a multi-dimensional Healing Session from our professionally trained and naturally gifted staff.  Our healing staff has over 20 years in experience with multiple certifications sure to suit your every need.  Enjoy the pleasure of a one-stop healing experience all for one price.


Get answers and guidance that cater to the emotional, physical and many other factors that are holding you back from achieving your ultimate quality of life. Let’s not even begin on how susceptible you are to picking up energies from others.  Let’s clean you off and protect you.


Check out our UPCOMING EVENTS filled with SEMINARS and GROUP READING sessions.  This is a great way to check things out and earn to help yourself every day.  Our seminars and group sessions are run in a LOW COST budget and even FREE (when possible) to allow everyone the opportunity to experience, grow and heal.  Our group night fees are donated to a different charity each month.  We pride ourselves on giving back, donating time and door prizes to charity events to help the community/world heal and make someone's day a little easier.




About Linda


My abilities have ALWAYS been with me!  Authentic, trustworthy and detail-oriented. It's just something that's become so incredibly natural to me. It gives me an advantage to be able to quickly connect to clients and get the reading off and going without wasting anyone's time or money. 
I'm going to tell it like I see it. I feel it is my responsibility to present you with the insight and information you need in order to have the clarity in the situation you're asking about, whether it be good or bad at the moment. Life will ALWAYS have its ups and downs.

So, what abilities do I have? I am a...

  • Clairvoyant – I "see" the past, present, and future.
  • Clairaudient – I "hear" information from my guides and yours.
  • Clairsentient or Empathic – I "feel" energy;  from people, situations, etc.
  • Claircognizant – I "know" this just seems to happen out of nowhere.
  • Medium – I "talk" to spirits – departed humans, animals and angelic forms.
  • Light worker – This one's a little hard to explain but I walk the path with a pure heart and clear intentions. 
  • Healer – I work with energies, guides and angels to both heal and help humans and animals.


Not only am I naturally gifted and professionally trained, I have taken and taught MANY metaphysical and spiritual courses, seminars and classes to expand in my knowledge and  teach others; such as Master level Reiki Practitioner and Instructor, Mediumship, Psychic (Past, Present, Future), Dowser, Spiritualist, Crystal Healing, Feng Shui, Psychometric, Aura Clearing and Reading, Chakras (Clearing, Healing, Energizing), Angel (Reading, Healing, Channeling), Dream Interpretation, Psychic Development, Spirituality Empowerment, Theta Healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Spiritual Awakening, CCMBA (Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment),  CCSMC (Complete Cellular Soul Memory Clearing), Past Life Regression, Hands on Healing, and Energy Working.

Please be aware, I am an Educator and Facilitator to the above mentioned list, as well as a practitioner.  Group Classes and personal sessions are available to either teach you or supply you with personal information in your session. 

About CE.


Lia is a young, talented psychic medium perfecting her reading skills.  She especially connects with children and young adults. Her realistic approach and ability to connect with ease is what the new generation really loves.  She runs courses and group sessions for the young and young at heart.  Her social media entries allows the tech savvy to interact and stay connected.  

Angel Card Reading.

With the assistance of Angel Cards. Ask a question and receive guidance and direction that will relate to you personally. Lia has a strong ability to see past the cards and open up to you in so many ways.  Her direct approach is refreshing.

Aura Reading

You will also be amazed with her information regarding your Aura. In your Aura Reading, you find out the colours, their meaning and if any angels/pictures are present through them. Aura colours often hold different meanings per a person and even in some situations. 

The intent with each reading regardless the type is for each client to receive a healing and balancing of the chakras this is put into place to allow you to take the new guidance and information and put it to full use asap.


Often during a session or an encounter with Lia, there is a loved one looking to be recognized.  Lia's soft approach to connecting people with loved ones from the other side is refreshing and heart warming.  

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