Zoisite is an energising stone said to dispel lethargy, to enhance vitality and to transform negative energy into positive energy. It can encourage you to be your own person and to revel in your own uniqueness, prompting you to follow your own path and not to follow the crowd.
Zoisite is believed to enhance creativity. It is a useful stone if you have lost your creative spark as it is said to encourage you to focus on what you really enjoy and want to be doing. Zoisite is also said to promote trust in the universe and in the ultimate goodness of life, lifting your spirits and allowing you to be happy.
In healing, Zoisite is believed to be a natural detoxifier and to help reduce inflammation. It is said to stimulate fertility and to help heal diseases of the ovaries and testicles. In addition Zoisite is thought to help recovery after trauma or severe illness.
Zoisite is a slow acting crystal and can therefore be worn for long periods of time.
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