Thulite is a pink variety of the mineral Zoisite It was originally discovered in Norway and the name derives from the word Thule, thought to be the ancient name of Norway.
Thulite is a useful stone for those who need to put on a performance, such as actors and teachers. It encourages extroversion, eloquence and showmanship. Thulite is also said to enhance problem-solving skills, helping you to find inventive solutions to tricky problems. In addition it can encourage the expression of passion and sexual feelings.
Thulite is a strengthening and regenerating stone that is said to stimulate healing. It is believed to be beneficial in cases of extreme exhaustion and to treat calcium deficiency and gastric upsets. Thulite is also thought to enhance fertility; placing it on the pubic bone it is believed to stimulate the reproductive system and to heal diseases of the ovaries and testicles.
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