Quartz - Tanzine Aura

Tanzine Aura Quartz
Tanzine Aura Quartz is created by permanently bonding pure Gold and Indium to Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz focuses, amplifies and transfers energy while Gold has the ability to balance and activate all the body’s energy points, or Chakras. Indium is a rare metal believed to help the body assimilate minerals and to balance the metabolism and hormones, resulting in physical and mental well-being and increased energy.
Combining these three elements together results in a stone with an intense vibrational pattern. Tanzine Quartz is said to help develop latent psychic abilities and to aid communication with the spirit realm. It is also believed to increase clarity of thought, perception, intuition and inspiration. Carrying this stone is said to significantly raise your vibrations and protect you against negativity.
In healing Tanzine Quartz is believed to have a powerful regulatory effect on the body’s hormones and metabolism and to help overcome the effects of thyroid and mineral deficiencies.
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