Danburite is a stone with a high, and very pure, vibration. Its energy is said to activate both the intellect and higher levels of consciousness and to help you to link to the spiritual and angelic realms. It is a very useful stone for meditation as it is believed to allow you to access inner guidance.
Danburite’s energy is very soothing and comforting. It is thought to encourage the release of anxiety, fear and grief and to bring feelings of serenity, calm and patience.
Placing Danburite under your pillow, or by your bed, at night is said to promote clear and easily understood dreams.
Danburite stimulates the Brow, or Third Eye, Chakra and the Crown Chakra.
In healing Danburite is believed to be strongly detoxifying and to treat allergies, chronic conditions, the liver and the gall bladder.
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