Agate - Fire


Agate - Fire
Fire agate is a stone of courage, protection, and strength. Mystical lore says that it relieves fears, halts gossip and even reflects any threat of harm back to the source.
Fire agate can help with spiritual advancement and progression. It promotes and enhances energy, including meditation, ritual, and spiritual healing energies. It also balances masculine (active) and feminine (receptive) energies.
Fire agate is often used in spells to increase skills in communication in writing and speaking. It can also heighten creative visualization.
Metaphysical healing lore professes that fire agate enhances all healing energies, and assists with healing of the circulatory system, lymph system, intestines. It is also used in crystal healing take the edge off the emotional charge of problems.  Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.
Fire agate is associated primarily with the sacral and root chakras.
Note that Fire Agate and Flame Agate, while both beautiful stones, are not the same stone.



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